Omni Productivity Pack for iPad Complete My Bundle

I saw the Omni Productivity Pack for iPad on the App Store. I have already purchased OmniOutliner 2 for iPad. When I purchase the bundle, will I get credit for having already purchased OO2 or is my only option now is to buy all the apps in the bundle individually?

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I was looking at this article and it seems to say that the app bundle purchases will deduct any purchases you’ve already bought.

Here is some of the text from the Mac Observer article:

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Some more information: As the price displayed ($139.99) is $10 more than if I purchased the remaining three items individually ($129.99), it does not appear that the App Bundle price was at all reduced. Furthermore, when I sought to purchase the bundle, iTunes warned that if I followed through with the purchase I would have duplicate items in my library, presumably two copies of OO2.

Looks like “Complete My Bundle” is now working for the Omni Productivity Pack for iPad.

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From what we’re seeing other developers report with their bundles (and other customers report with ours), it appears that Apple still has some issues to sort out with this new feature in the App Store. Anyone affected by this can contact and we’ll do everything we can to help.

Generally, complete my bundle seems to take the bundle price and naively subtract what you actually paid for each owned item in the bundle.

Sometimes, if you got something previously on sale, that means the bundle is higher than just buying a la carte because the price subtracted isn’t very much.

I expect Apple to eventually put in a fix that quotes you the minimum between the two.

Thanks for pointing this out! Turns our our sales folks also had figured this out by looking at this Complete My Bundle FAQ, which matches your theory about the behavior perfectly.

The final answer on that FAQ is particularly interesting, though - it seems to indicate that what we’re seeing happen with the prices is actually intentional. Maybe there are legal reasons or constraints behind it? Certainly confusing, though.

I think the bit about only honoring the price discount from time of sale is intentional.

FAQ also says:

What does it cost to complete a bundle?

Your Complete My Bundle price will vary depending on what you already
bought from the bundle, but it won’t be more than the price you’d pay
to buy each app individually.

The cases where that’s not true, and the bundle costs more than the sum total of the component apps, seem like a bug.