Omni slow/sluggish, quit and now trouble reopening

This has happened a few times with Omni. The program feels slow/sluggish, and the behaviour that follows is a frequent pop-up window that mentions something about “Omnifocus Syncing”. I quit the program, and when I tried to reopen, the Omni icon bounced around in the dock for a good minute or two.

Any ideas what to do?

While it’s bouncing in the dock, could you please take a sample?

I’ve been using the OF2 test for a month or so and loved it. The last few days, and with the update to the paid version, sync is really really slow. (Long ‘bouncing’ dock icon too. I’d welcome feedback about this.

ok, i’m having some problem with sync too. Previous 4 days was peachy, now beach ball appears every time it finish sync and i switch back to omnifocus (from another app).

I’ve already sent the sample process to the support team.

I hope the next improvements will all be about speed and responsiveness. I have no problem with the slight delay with switching perspectives but it can be faster.

@Casster Sorry for the trouble. There’s a number of different things that could be slowing sync down. Would you please email so one of our Support Humans can help you more directly?

@ryanfuse Thanks! Hopefully someone will get back to you soon.

thanks, it’s a sudden thing, not sure why it happened. But i shut down sync and it has not beach balled in the past 5 hours, not even once. Everything back to the snappy ol OF 2.

Like ryanfuse, this seems to have settled down, so I feel much more reassured, definitely ‘snappy’ again!
I’ll keep an eye on it and follow up the support if I have any further problems.