Omni Sync Folders on iPad

On my iPad I have Omni Server and Omni Sync Server. Both contain the same amount of documents.
On my iPhone I have only Omni Server.
Should I delete one of the two Omni Server folders on my iPad? And if so, which one should I delete?

I’ve got the same question.

It sounds like you may have set up an OmniPresence sync location more than once. Are both are listed in the Locations screen with the same cloud icon? You can view the settings for the cloud location by tapping Edit, then either sync entry.

If both are set up in the same way with the same settings, then either one can be deleted without impacting the other configured location—it doesn’t matter which one you delete. If you’d like to double-check what you’re seeing by sending us some screenshots, please email us any screenshots and sync settings to and we would be happy to offer more specific suggestions before you take any further action. (For your privacy, please don’t post screenshots of your sync settings on this forum.)

Thank you!