Omni Sync in Outliner MacOS

I am using an Omni SyncServer account that works in Omnifocus for Mac and IOS…didn’t have any issue setting up.

I am sure it is my not knowing but I just got Outliner Pro on my Mac and I can’t find where to open the Outliner Pro IOS files on Omni Sync Server. Outliner with Omni Sync Server works perfect between iPad and iPhone but I can’t find anywhere in the Mac app to get to the Omni Sync server…again I’m sure I’m missing something …if anyone can head me in the correct direction I would be very appreciative…thanks

Have you installed OmniPresence?

No I have not. I will though…I did not need to do that for OmniFocus so I believedOutliner worked the same way. I’ll install OmniPrescence…Thanks!

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Everything is working fine now. That was it.