Omni Sync Server asks and asks again authentication

I can’t understand.Since several days I have to enter many times authentication for calendar OmniFocus-Reminders.ics on Mac, iPhone and iPad. Now I was asked on the iPad to enter login and password 5 times in ten minutes while I was navigating in Settings and six times in Calendar. And it keeps on asking. It seems to be endless…

I think I’ll be obliged to stop sharing between OmniFocus and Calendar : I’ve tried everything (via iCloud or not) and I had to enter the password more than 60 times (and it’s not finished). And I can’t use Calendar or Settings on iOS because the asking box prevents to do anything else in these apps.

It drives me really mad

From what we’ve been able to determine, these prompts are almost always related to iCloud. Syncing an OmniFocus calendar subscription through iCloud will lead to these repeating prompts.

Have you tried the specific steps outlined here?


Before your answer I understood that calendar should not be synced via iCloud, but I didn’t have the idea to delete the entries in Keychain.

I read all the info you gave, and did all the steps, and you really solved my problem. Thank you very much !

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