OmniDiskSweeper doesn't work for optimized iCloud Documents

I love OmniDiskSweeper for finding folders bloated with large files.

However, OmniDiskSweeper no longer provides useful information now that I store my 1 TB of documents in iCloud and let macOS optimize what is cached on my 500 GB laptop.

For example, an optimized file that has been evicted shows in the Finder as

Size: 302,060 bytes (Zero bytes on disk)

and in Terminal it shows

% ls -l foo.pdf
-rw-r--r--@ 1 me staff  302060 Jul  4 15:56 foo.pdf

% du -h foo.pdf
  0B	foo.pdf

The problem is OmniDiskSweeper is using that literal disk usage rather than the actual file metadata, so I don’t get an accurate insight of which of my 1 TB of files are largest.

Are there any plans to update OmniDiskSweeper to be able to calculate actual file sizes rather than their cached sizes?

Are there any alternative tools that can do this (DaisyDisk and GrandPerspective do not)? or do I need to write my own scripts for this as I did many years ago?

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