OmniDiskSweeper: Photo Recovery files?

I was surprised to find that there is a ton of data being taken up by my photos library even though I deleted all the photos. I moved all my photos to an external harddrive, they’re protected and I really don’t want any of that data taking up space on my computer. I could see a preview of the files in the Masters folder and felt comfortable deleting the contents of that folder, what about things inside the “resources.recovery” folder a la “RKVersion” and “RKMaster”. They’re all .lij files so I can’t really understand what they are? Then there’s the “moments” folder with contents like “analysismetadata.plis” and “historicalmarker.plist”, are these safe to delete without making the Photos app dysfunctional?


The only people who could accurately answer that question are the Photos engineers at Apple.

The safe answer is, as I’m sure you’d guess, is no, it’s not safe to delete them.

They sound like they’re backups, edit histories and bits of metadata. Deleting them would likely result in reduced functionality in the app and/or Photos re-generating at least some of that data.

So, delete at your own peril. If you decide to try deleting them, make sure you’ve got backups.

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I would post this question in the Apple Support Communities.