OmniFocus 1 crashes & unresponsive text fields on Sierra

Is anyone else still using OmniFocus 1? It used to work fine here on macOS Sierra, but lately I’m seeing an issue where bringing up the Quick Entry panel sometimes crashes the app, and text fields often do not accept any input.

Even with these crashes I’m still more productive than with OF 2, so updating is not a solution :(

I still using OF1 under macOS Sierra. And I have the same problems like you.
We need an OF1 update in order to work correclty under Sierra more than to upgrade to OF2.

For me OF1 remains better than OF2 (with its many regressions. For example: we still can not drag an action from inbox to a project !! another old false promise not kept by the developer…)

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Yep, that’s the issue that keeps me from upgrading too. Everything else is “meh” but no showstopper.