Omnifocus 1 to 2 Pro upgrade?


I bought OmniFocus 1 in May 2013 because you wrote at “”:
“From now on, anyone who purchases OmniFocus 1 from our online store
will receive a free upgrade to the Professional edition of OmniFocus 2
when it ships.”.

How can I get my free upgrade to OmniFocus 2 Pro?

Please help me!

If you have purchased from the OF store (not from Apple’s App Store), you should have received an e-mail from OF with your new OF2 Pro license key just before they launched OF2. Did you buy on the OF store or on the App Store?

I got it from the OF store but I got no mail before the launch of OF2.
Perhaps OmniGroup has a problem with my mailaddress. When I bought OmniFocus 1 in 2013 I had to contact the support with another mailaddress to get my key.

I already wrote the support a mail on the 22.05.2014 (with the mail i used to buy OF1) and got no response.

What should I do now?

I’m in the same situation. Received notice today that my OmniFocus 2 version was not licensed. Confirmed that my current OmniFocus 1 license that I received a few months ago would not work. (Purchased through OmniGroup store.) I did not receive any email from them with updated license.

I have sent email to customer support and hope to hear back soon.

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I now sent a second mail to them (with the address that worked last year). Hope that they can help us.

I’m sorry that you have the same problem, but it also feels good to know that I’m not the only one with this problem.

Please inform me when you get an response.

Thank you!

I just called their support number – 800-315-6664 – and they were able to immediately resend the email with the the new license key for OmniFocus 2. Give them a ring; it was very quick and easy.

I got my new license key.

Great support!

Sorry it took us a few days to get back to you. We’ve had a LOT of email to respond to lately. Thank you for your patience.

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