OmniFocus 2.0.3 for Mac now available for download

OmniFocus 2.0.3 for Mac is now available for direct download from our website and from software update (use “Check for Updates” from the OmniFocus menu).

Here are the release notes:

OmniFocus 2.0.3 is a minor update which fixes some Yosemite compatibility issues and a few other bugs.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed some Yosemite compatibility issues with the Clip-o-Tron: it will no longer try to capture the full content of a selected message on Yosemite, only the subject and a link and any selected text. (Yosemite compatibility also requires the new Clip-o-Tron Installer v1.0.1.)
  • Newly captured links to Mail messages (from the “Send to OmniFocus” service) will now work on iOS, not just Mac. This makes those links much more useful (and reduces the need to capture the full content of each message).
  • Fixed a Yosemite compatibility issue where scrolling the help window would cause the navigation bar to temporarily detach from the top of the window.
  • Fixed a Yosemite compatibility issue where viewing multiple help pages in the help window could lead to a crash.
  • Fixed a Yosemite compatibility issue with clipping email messages where the original message link would get split into two links when syncing to the iOS apps.
  • Fixed a Yosemite compatibility issue where the In-App Purchase window would never finish loading.
  • Fixed a bug in the hidden “compact layout” mode where neither the status circle nor the flag could be clicked from the mouse.
  • Fixed several issues with displaying and editing dates when using languages other than English.
  • Fixed a display bug in Synchronization Preferences where the letter “B” was superimposed over the gear icon.


  • Whenever a language other than English is is being used, if a date can’t be understood in the preferred language the date editor will try to see if it matches anything in English. This means it’s always possible to use English shortcuts such as “next week” or “next Thursday” even if you’re using OmniFocus in a different language.

(The Mac App Store edition has been submitted and is waiting for review.)

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Thank you so much for this fix of the status circle, it was so annoying and I would not dream of using anything but the compact mode.

Now only the inbox problem remains urgent.