OmniFocus 2.5 for Mac

Does anyone have a sense when there might be a meaty upgrade to the current version of OmniFocus for Mac?

I really appreciate the new push method of syncing. It’s been a real time saver. However, it’s not so much a new feature as an old feature (syncing) done better.

Has anyone heard when new actual features might be released?

Follow the OmniFocus blog to see possible news about upcoming features:

Here is one blog post of note that probably sums up Omnigroup’s approach to OmniFocus and their other software offerings:

[quote]OmniFocus 2 has been very well-received—setting a sales record in 2014—but in no way does that mean we think it’s finished! We’ve been listening to your feedback, and we will continue to update the app to make it sync more responsively, to be easier to scan visually, and to be more efficient to use.

Beyond all that, well, I’m sure Apple has more surprises coming at us again this year. I’m looking forward to seeing what they turn out to be! We’ll try to be as responsive to them this year as we have been to surprises in previous years.

As always, please keep in mind that this is a snapshot of our current direction, not a commitment to arriving anywhere on a particular schedule. Reliably predicting the future in that way is impossible—but I’m always happy to share which way we’re headed!.[/quote]

Everyone’s idea of a “meaty” update will definitely vary from person to person. Personally, I’d say that each bite has been yummy whether served with a large spoon or a small spoon.

I think additional features are being upgraded all the time. It is being done in incremental steps. Would you rather wait for one big meaty update or have new features added on a monthly basis? The push sync may feel like it is an old feature done better but it was a very significant change that was best served as soon as it was done. Recent additions have included Apple Watch support, push-sync, a dark screen mode, and a newly revised Universal iOS version of OmniFocus. We would be waiting a long time if we had to wait for all the new features to be bundled up in a 2.5 update.

The release notes is pretty long with significant milestones spread out each month. If we accumulate all of these increments over time, it becomes one “meaty” update.