Omnifocus 2, Fantastical 2 and El Capitan Split Screen

Hi there,
El Capitan Split Screen does not work in combination with Omnifocus 2 and Fantastical 2. Both apps work in Split Screen on their own and with other Apple Apps - but not in combination. Anyone with similar experiences or a fix?



(MacBook Pro Retina 13" (End 2013), 2,4 Ghz i5)

That is not a bug, sadly… both OF and Fantastical by default use up more space than half of the screen. Therefore a combination of both will probably not be possible in split screen, as Apple imagined it.

Using other software like Moom or Flexiglass you could have shortcuts or arrangements where the split is horizontal, that way you should not have any problems.

I just tested this. If you put OmniFocus into split screen first, Fantastical will be available to go into split screen. This doesn’t seem to work the other way around, however.

If I reduce the size of the OmniFocus window by turning off the sidebar and inspector, I can easily fit it in beside other apps, although as @poritsky points out, with some apps you’ll have to put OmniFocus there first.

That said, OmniFocus does need some work in terms of how Split View is now handled. If I open the Inspector, for example, to view the details of a task, I’m taking out of Split View – OmniFocus goes full screen, and stays there even after the Inspector is closed.

this dude always has the answers haha