OmniFocus 2 for iPad? [A: shipped alongside iOS 8, now available]

I am very happy with OmniFocus 2 for the iPhone and Mac.

When can we expect OmniFocus 2 for the iPad?




Quite curious about this as well.

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We’re not ready to announce a date yet, but it is in progress. (When we’re not replying to you all here!)


Will the update for iPad be free or am I best waiting till after it’s released before I purchase the iPad version? Thanks

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Should be a paid upgrade. Following precedent.

See: OmniFocus 2 for iOS.

Now that OmniFocus for iPad has disappeared from the iTunes store, I just ventured over to here:

Any point buying Vs1 for iPad in the meantime so as to use over all devices, or better just wait?

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Better to wait.

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I’m not even sure where to buy it if you wanted it. I have owned OmniFocus for iPad for a long time and deleted it yesterday when I encountered sync issues. Plan was to reinstall the app on my iPad and was frustrated to find it is no longer available on the App Store. I rely on OmniFocus for work and use my iPad almost exclusively in the field and now I don’t know what to do. I’m considering moving to a new platform but nothing else meets my needs like OF. Of course, if it’s no longer available, for now, looks like I will have to use a different program.

Hey @jlhetrick—you should still be able to locate OmniFocus for iPad in the Purchased section of the App Store. (Updates->Purchased.)

Thanks, that worked. I had forgotten I had purchased under amen old iCloud account but was able to sign in and find it. Much appreciated.

Hope the update is coming soon as I just went to buy a few versions for some co-workers after showing them OmniFocus 2 for OSX.

A rough timeline would be nice.

[As I noted on twitter last week…]

OmniFocus 2 for iPad will require iOS 8, which Apple has announced will be shipping this Fall. Our goal is to ship the same day it ships, if possible—which is why we’ve had to turn our full attention to it immediately.


Wow. So you are going have people wait for 4 months in order to buy OmniFocus for iPad 2.0? Ouch. Why not just knock 1.0 way down to like $5 with a big warning that 2.0 will be paid and will come in the fall?

Two main reasons: we’ve noticed that price drops cause some customers who were previously happy with the purchase they made to feel some pretty severe buyers’ remorse after the fact. In our experience, people also often overlook notification of changes like that at the time they make the purchase, or have forgotten it by the time the thing actually happens.

Pulling the app wasn’t something we were particularly thrilled about doing, but it was the least-bad option.


Fwiw, I find that OmniFocus 2 (for iPhone) on an iPad works better for me than OmniFocus 1 for iPad - so much so, I’ve deleted the latter. However, the main bugbear with using it is the lack of a landscape format.

I’m thinking about upgrading my iPhone to OF2, my Mac has OF2 - any technical issue continuing to run OF1 for iPad until OF2 for iPad comes out?

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None at all.

This is a major bummer. If it is looking like 4 months, I would HIGHLY encourage Omni Group to reconsider the approach. Ominfocus runs my life, and I just bought an iPad this week to become my main docking station for organization and productivity management. Can you imagine how bummed I was to discover I am unable to get a version of OmniFocus new or old for the iPad.

I love Omnifocus, and switching systems sounds like a 1st world mini-tragedy to me, but I have to consider doing this at this point, because I can’t wait 4 months to have a platform for running my life.

Please reconsider your approach, not only might you lose potentially new users, you might lose devoted customers like myself who have actually gotten their friends to learn how to use Omnifocus she loves it so much!

Is it possible to offer people who bought Version 1 in the 6months before the newest version comes out to have a 50% discount on the new version. That seems fair to everyone. Honestly, even if not entirely fair, I would pay for the whole thing twice because I’m so Omni-dependent. Alas, I don’t even have that choice.

In summary: Please reconsider!

You can always you the iPhone version on the iPad. It screen rotates, so can meet any iPad orientation. Not ideal but a solution.