OmniFocus 2 integration: - with BusyCal? : - Sierra server?

I’ve read through a bunch of old threads but as a potential new OmniFocus user, I’m having the same difficulty reported elsewhere and I’m wondering if it’s something I’m just not understanding. I hope someone can help or show me what I’m not seeing.

I run Sierra Server on a MacMini which hosts CalDav and CardDav servers along with my mail server. MyLifeOrganized syncs to the server, too. Everything works well and I don’t worry about dropping a machine into the water which is paramount for me.

This is my setup:

  • MacOS Sierra, 10.12.4
  • Email: via web interface, hosted on server. No account in Preferences.
  • BusyCal: calendars hosted on server. No account in Preferences.
  • BusyContacts: contacts hosted on server. No account in Preferences.
  • Documents: hosted on WebDavNav server, mirrored to Sierra Server. No account in Preferences.
  • MyLifeOrganized via Android tablet: hosted on server.

I’m trying to switch from MLO on Android to OmniFocus on Mac - using two different machines to set up a project and carry it forward has become a bear. I love MLO but there’s still no Mac app so I’m prepared to love OmniFocus.

Problem is/are:
a) I’ve installed the trial and I’m still not integrated, I’m simply on only one machine. I can’t see any calendars other than “On My Mac” - no server calendars show up; and,
b) I haven’t been able to get OmniFocus to sync its data to even a local WebDavNav server so I have no idea how to get it to sync to the main server.

So here are my questions:

  1. Can OmniFocus integrate with BusyCal in this setup and see the server calendars?
  2. How do I get the local WebDavNav server to sync OmniFocus data? Or get Sierra server to sync the OmniFocus data? I keep getting “…server returned “not found” (404) in response to a request to “MOVE /OmniFocus.ofocus/…”.

Many Thanks from another new newb!

  1. Calendars: OF can see the standard Mac OS calendar data. I can’t remember whether BusyCal uses this or keeps its own database; if the latter, OF probably can’t see it. If the former, the sync should work. Go to Forecast view in OD, click the View button (looks like an eye) on the toolbar and you’ll get a dialog allowing you to spec what calendars are visible in the view. OF can see iCloud/Gmail and other calendars, provided you have the appropriate account set up in Mac OS Calendar.

  2. Mac Server Webdav sync: I have this working using Server’s inbuilt WebDav. I set up a folder for sync, made it accessible via WebDav, checked that permissions were OK, and then used that info in OF on my devices. What steps did you take before you tried to sync?

Thanks for replying, Nick!

  1. Calendars: cool. You’re right. OF calendar listing under the ‘eye’ in Forecast gives me only the local calendar options that Apple Calendar creates for itself. Since I don’t use Apple Calendar nor iCloud, OF can’t see any of my calendars prolly because the Apple Calendar can’t see them. They’re accessed via BusyCal from the server which won’t be changing.
    No Forecast? Not a deal-breaker. Didn’t have calendar integration in MLO, either.

  2. I tried first to get OF sync working on the local machine. Installed WebDAVNav Server, gave it a folder to share, chose https and created its self-assigned certificate. Pasted the resulting address into the bar in OF and clicked Sync. No love. Error message as previously posted.
    There is, however, a 29KB xx.ofocus file in the share, so I don’t think it’s a permissions issue on the share, but I could be wrong.

Isn’t OF the User when it syncs?


Hmmm … maybe it is a permissioning issue. I’m also getting "The application “OmniFocus” does not have permission to open “xxxxx.pdf.” when I click on a file URL in the notes area.

Do you know – Who is OF in terms of permissions?


In my setup (Mac OS Server WebDav), the user for sync is my user account as set up on the server.

In more detail (I know you’re using WebDAVNav, but it might provide some insight):

I have an account on the server, username Myname; this is the user account I use for Mail, Calendar and whatever other services.

On the server, as that user, I create a folder under that user called WebDavFolder and set the sharing properties in the Server app to have it shared via WebDav and ensure my user account has read/write access.

In OF, I set up sync with my user credentials (Myname and the password), and the server location as https:///WebDavFolder/.

Based on that, and with very limited knowledge of WebDAVNav Server, I wonder whether you need a similar setup?

Again, Thanks Nick. :)

Went back and re-did the settings of WebDAVNav to ensure:

  1. I used the Myname authentication as the current user on the MacBook.
  2. I made sure the Share created in WebDAVNav was available from a webpage. It was.
  3. Tried to Sync from OF and got a pop-up asking for authentication. Filled it in and it saved to Keychain.
  4. OF response - same as before. Sync failed.

HOWEVER – the OF file in the share is now showing a modified time stamp of the last sync attempt.

Very strange … have to get back to whatever it is I’m actually doing here for a bit, lol! Will come back to this probably later this evening. Unfortunately, I can’t set it up on the MiniServer until next week when I’m back in front of it.


Hi ajdster
Did you find a solution to the permissions problem? I’m also experiencing this when I put a link to a file on my Mac into the note field of an OmniFocus task. It’s good to be able to go straight to the document needed to complete the task, but the permissions problem blocks this.
I am also a new user and transferring to OmniFocus from MLO because the latter doesn’t have a Mac version. But I’m also a new Mac user so still getting used to the differences.
with best wishes