Omnifocus 2 iOS (and device) Requirements

I have a mac pro running Yosemite, a macbook running Mountain Lion, an iphone running iOS 9.3.5 and an iPad 2 running iOS 9.3.5

So right now, iOS 10 is availabe for my phone, but not my iPad. The macbook is at end of life for upgrades.

Ok, ok, I’m a cheap scrooge who married into a Scotish clan and I give them lessons on penny pinching.

But look guys: You do NOT cut off your people like this. You should support the top 80% of the devices out there. Which means you don’t make iOS 10 a requirement when it’s barely out of beta testing.

Bad puppy. No biscuit.

We currently support 2 versions of OmniFocus for iOS:

  • OmniFocus 2.16.1 for iOS 9 devices
  • OmniFocus 2.17 for iOS 10 devices

Both versions are supported and work together. iOS 10 is required for OmniFocus 2.17 because the Watch app and Today widgets require it to work. The updates were made so that OmniFocus would work on your iOS 10 devices correctly.

What has changed is you now need the right OmniFocus version to match your iOS version. If you need the earlier version of OmniFocus for a device that isn’t on iOS 10, please use the process at to get version 2.16.1, which was updated on September 12th with bug fixes. If you already have OmniFocus 2.16.1 running on your iOS 9 devices, you are still supported to keep using it even if some other devices you are syncing to are on OmniFocus 2.17 and iOS 10.

Good point. You can run the old one. But the critique still remains: If you want to sell the maximum number of OS2 upgrades, with minimum work, support most of the devices.

It may mean you need to be a bit more clever: If there is a feature in a new version of iOS that you really want, you may need to embed it in code that checks for feature availability.

New people coming to OF may be out of sync with their OS X and iOS devices. By making a version that requires fairly modern hardware for both you cut off large segment of your potential user base.

Given the lack of market penetration of the iWatch (I’ve yet to see one in the wild) make this an ‘In app purchase’ and strip out the dependence on iOS 10. Indeed: Go back to iOS 7 That will allow you to run on first gen iPads and iPhone 4’s There are MILLIONS of those phones out there.

This is just part of life and the upgrade cycle. As much as I wanted to hold on to my iPad 2, I have relegated it to web surfing, news, and iBooks.

I was able to acquire an iPad Air 2 last year and it was money well spent. Omnifocus is much faster on it than on my iPad 2. I can’t believe I waited so long to get a new iPad.

This decision was started when I was given an iPad Air 2 for a temporary work assignment. I installed OF2 and a few of my other must-have apps. It was blazing compared to my old iPad 2. That spurred my decision to pinch enough pennies to buy my own iPad Air 2. Money well spent.

I have bitten that bullet, and ordered a refurbished ipad air 2. It arrives later this week. Meanwhile, I’ve moved my phone ti iOS 10 (I HATE the double home press to open. I keep getting VOICE control OR it goes off in my pocket.)

The laptop will wait.


When I had the iPad 2, I thought I could live with the speed. It was slow with many of my iPad apps but I was willing to put up with it. But when I switched to the iPad Air 2, it was like I was able to get out 2nd gear and go to 3td and 4th gear.

You’ll also gain the ability to have split view (swipe from the right edge of the screen to the left) and you can have OmniFocus in the right side of the screen. OF will take up one-third of the screen and allows me to quickly add an item in the inbox or use OF2 in that side of the screen. OmniFocus 2 is also capable of being used in split-screen mode (each app takes up 50% of the screen. However, both apps must be updated to take advantage of split screen mode.

I think Split view (one-third) was possible in the iPad 2. The Split screen (50%) is not possible on the iPad 2 but is certainly capable on the iPad air 2.

You can get back to the IOS9 Touch to Open behaviour, if you prefer.

In Settings, General, Accessibility, Home Button set Rest Finger to Open to ON

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No, I want touch to wake up, swipe to open, and NEVER open voice control. Doesn’t seem possible. But I would accept any set of reasonable, but disjoint items: E.g.
Top power button to wake up, home touch to open.

Home double press to open, but long press ignored. (Long presses are what wake it up on my belt when I sit on the tractor. seat.)