OmniFocus 2: Send to Inbox (how to delete?)

I’m successfully running a SysPref shortcut: OmniFocus 3: Send to Inbox, however the OF 2 version remains in the list of shortcuts. It’s disabled, but I’d like to delete it. Based on an Apple community support interaction, here is where I’m at on this:

It’s not in ~/Library/Services.

I don’t have a /Library/Services folder:

$ pwd

$ ls -la
drwxr-xr-x 4 root wheel 128 Sep 20 2019 Security
drwxr-xr-x 52 root admin 1664 Jun 14 09:34 Sophos Anti-Virus

With the shortcut selected in SysPref, I right-clicked the name and asked to have the service (file) displayed in Finder, but it opens a window to my boot volume (Macintosh HD), and it is (of course) not there.

Perhaps the service is no longer on disk, but there remains a (ghost) reference to it in SysPref.

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