OmniFocus 3.15.3 crashes at startup

I have a big problem : OmniFocus 3.15.3 crashes at startup on my Mac, everytime, since 2 days approximately (maybe when I upgraded from MacOS 14.0 to 14.1).

I sent the crash report to Omni but still haven’t heard from them 24 hours later.

Anyone else having trouble with MacOS 14.1?

If it’s convenient, perhaps try calling Omni instead. They offer phone support Monday to Friday from 10am-5pm Pacific Time. You’ll find the phone number at the top of their support site. Best wishes for a speedy resolution!

And it also crashes with the new 3.15.4 version.

Using OmniFocus Pro 3.15.4 (v151.35.43) and recently upgraded Mac OS to 14.1.
Since yesterday the “Forecast” view only shows selected day at a time, instead of cascading from (top to bottom) Past due - Today - Tomorrow - etc.
Also, the + and settings-gear at bottom of the calendar panel no longer respond.

ADDENDUM: After I make an edit to a record it snapped back to the proper display. Hmm. However, I did submit a ticket to support FWIW.