OmniFocus 3 and Little Snitch [Update your rules if you replaced OF2 with OF3]

I’ve updated to OmniFocus 3 today and have been looking around, but I’m encountering a problem with Little Snitch 4.2.

A Little Snitch notification comes up, saying “Connection Denied. Due to no valid code signature. For OmniFocus.” I’ve looked at the rules and tried to disable the rule (disable any outgoing connection) or lower the priority, but problems persist and the rule recreates itself if I remove it. Strangely, according to Little Snitch, the code signature is actually correct, however…

Has anyone else come across this and is it a bug relating to OmniFocus 3 or to Little Snitch 4?

I have the same problem since upgrading to OmniFocus 3

No problem here, but I’m on LS 4.x and Mojave - maybe that makes a difference?

@Snooze and @Reader457, you need to create a new Little Snitch rule because the app is new and has new a new code signature. If you don’t want to add it manually, just delete the old OmniFocus rule and then let Little Snitch prompt you for the connections that need to be made.


Same issue