OmniFocus 3 delete custom perspective

Hi all. I have OF 3 Pro, love it of course. I created a custom perspective and want to delete it. When select show perspectives from the menu bar I have all the perspectives that are native and the ones I added. I’ve taken it out of my side bar no problem. When in “show perspectives” the one I want to delete is at the bottom of the list. If I select the one I want to delete I’ve tried selecting the gear icon at he bottom and I only have 2 options a) open perspective and 2) revert perspective to default settings. There is no option to delete as I’ve seen in the forum threads I’ve found. It’s not an “upgraded” perspective so I can’t downgrade it. I can’t drag it off the perspectives side bar. When this perspective is selected I can see “delete” from the edit menu bar at the top toolbar. Selecting this will not delete the perspective. Can anyone help? Thank you in advance

That’s probably because you’re trying to delete a system perspective.
They are OF standard and cannot be removed

you’re exactly right. thanks for the quick reply and solving my “problem”. much appreciated

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