OmniFocus 3 for macOS

With the announcement of OF3 for iOS being released at the end of the month, what is the plan for macOS? I assume both products will sync with each other, but will there be features that are only available in iOS that we will not work correctly on the Mac?

Would there be a reason to stick with OF2 on iOS until the macOS version is released?

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The current version of OF2 for Mac should be compatible with OF3 for iOS. You just can’t edit any of the new settings.

New settings that can’t be edited include the upgraded/advanced perspectives, custom notifications, and new repeat settings. But OF2 for Mac will observe them.

We can use OF2 or Mac concurrently with OF3 for iOS. Sign up for the TestFlight if you’d like to have a go at the Mac beta (first come, first serve).

No sign yet about the first TestFlight for MacOS but there are no limits to the number of TestFlight users on this platform. The iOS TestFlight was limited to some number like 10,000 signups. But that’s a limit imposed by Apple’s TestFlight app, not by Omnigroup.

If we are already on the iOS TestFlight are we automatically signed up for the Mac TestFlight? If not, how would we go about signing up for the Mac version? Thank you!

Typically the Mac version doesn’t go through TestFlight; it’s just a beta you can download from the OF site.

I’ve found using the beta on iOS with the GM on macOS to be a bit of a pain. My most-use perspective “Due or Flagged” cannot be used in this scenario because of the perspective changes. And the fact that the Mac uses Contexts and the iOS version uses Tags has many other subtle frustrations that make it a real challenge. I’ve found the OF3 beta on iOS to be… underwhelming in this mixed scenario… I really struggle to find any enhancements between contexts and tags which make it feel like anything more than a .1 update, and I say this as a pre-OF-1 user :-/

Tags and contexts are interchangeable. You use tags the same way you use contexts. OF3 for iOS can handle multiple tags/contexts. The most current version of OF2 for Mac can still read the database but it will use the first tag as the single tag in contexts. When OF3 for Mac arrives, you’ll get the multiple tags.

It sounds like it might make sense to stick with OF2 until OF3 for macOS is released.

Has any indication of an ETA been given for the macOS version?

no announcement given about Mac beta. But the work that was put into the iOS TestFlight will translate over to the Mac TestFlight.

The Mac TestFlight will not have any upper limits of the number of TestFlight users.

Not all features will be in the version 3.0 because they wanted to get it out. The more popular features (advanced perspectives, improved repeat notifications, etc.) will be in version 3.0. Other features such as collaboration, nagging reminders will be coming in version 3.1 and/or later.

The iOS official release is scheduled for May 30 so we can guess that the MacTestFlight will be in June or July.

But if you’re mostly an iOS user, then OF3 for iOS will be your choice.

I am on the iOS TestFlight, but not seeing the repeat notifications. I only seem to be able to create multiple notifications, but not Due-like repeating notifications that “keep reminding you about a task every few minutes until you tell OmniFocus that you’ve completed that task”, as mentioned in the roadmap post. What am I missing?

Oops. Sorry. In my haste to type, it should have said custom repeating settings. Not notifications.

Looking at the Slack channel, nagging notifications has been delayed to possibly version 3.1 or later.

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Ah, that explains it. Too bad, this was the feature I was looking for in OmniFocus 3. But it’s good to know it is still coming; this will teach me to be patient, and I’ll just keep using Due for those in the meantime. Thank you for chiming in!

I’ve been wanting nagging notifications too. Omni wants to release V3.0 with the foundation features such as multiple tags in place. Then it’s a wait period for nagging notifications.

To upvote a feature request, send an email to

The more votes for a feature request, the higher up it goes in the development cycle.

It looks like nagging notifications didn’t get upvoted enough to make the cut for V3.0. 😔