Omnifocus 3 (IOS) crashes

Problem with version 3 IOS

My Mac is running Omnifocus version 4, everything works as it should now. My iPad mini with IOS 15 is still running Omnifocus version 3. I’m waiting for Apple to release the new iPad mini version and then I’ll install Omnifocus 4 on it. So far the interaction between the two versions has worked without any problems. But I’ve been having a constant problem with Omnifocus 3 IOS for about 2 months. Whenever the lock screen turns on or I use another app in the foreground and I access Omnifocus again after about 10 minutes at the earliest, I get an error message. Omnifocus has crashed. You can also see it in the background display of all running apps. Does anyone have this phenomenon too? I forwarded the error message to Omnigroup via email. But there was no response, which I could accept because Omnifocus 4 was about to be released.
Is there a solution for these crashes?

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