Omnifocus 3 - search operators?

Is there, or will there be, support for search operators in OF? For example, going to the search bar and entering “tag:waiting -tag:home is:flagged” rather than building a new perspective to make that work.

I really hope so. OF is running a sqlite database if I’m not mistaken, without exposing a lot of the search capabilities that could be possible with SQL.

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Search bar filter syntax would be nice, but I am not sure how much more useful it would be over the perspective builder (as they would be temporary filters). I could imagine it would be much harder to build out a fully correct implementation that uses some pseudo-query language for the end user and is fully usable/flexible by the end-user.

Keep in mind, SQL is not exactly the most user-friendly “language” so it’s not really something a software company would like to expose as an interface to non-technical users. It also can be extremely easy to cause significant issues via some simple SQL commands and poorly optimized handwritten queries.

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And never forget the lesson of little Bobby Tables. ;)


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