OmniFocus 3 - Top feature requests


For Q1
– all platforms

  • Tags aka multiple contexts
  • Ability to exclude action groups from count of number of things due in badge count on Forecast perspective

– macOS

  • Perspective windows that remember their window coordinates (a feature that was lost in the “upgrade” 1 -> 2)

For Q2
– all platforms

  • Ability to put tasks on hold or dropped state (as possible now with projects)

– macOS

  • Robust archiving of entire projects (missing or broken since the dawn of time)
  • Ability to hide list of sidebar tabs (for the same reasons as mentioned above already)

– iOS

  • Ability to customize swipe actions for tasks (e.g. left swipe to put task on hold or change its context)

Otherwise, the rest is mostly icing on the cake.



My top request remains - Something like Passed Deferred in Forecast view (like past Due).
Also I’d love to not see the same task in Deferred and Due sections twice. Once per day is enough.

Overall Forecast View which is my definite favorite needs even more love…


All I’ve wanted in OF for years is tags.

Kinda got fed up waiting for them and shifted to another workflow.

They’re pretty much the only feature that will tempt me back.


• Bring back the clarity of the v1 iOS app’s folder icons, to make it faster to see at a glance where you are

• Get rid of (or allow us to turn off) the dots that show how many items are in a context

• Bring back the OF1 completion checkbox and flagged icons instead of the circle thing which I’ve always hated.

• Higher contrast apps generally for those of us without perfect eyesight.


• Multiple Tags / Contexts

• manually arrange tasks in context view, forecast view / basically everywhere

• deferred items should also appear in the forecast view the next day

• offlinesynch between mac and iOS via peer to peer network or bluetooth or airdrop technology, while not having Internet


I’d like to see feature parity between the iOS and macOS versions. It’s not possible to set an action group to automatically complete on the iOS, which otherwise respects the setting. I’d also like to be able force a regular review date on all of my projects (e.g., Sunday no matter what). Currently, I have to select everything in OmniFocus for macOS and set it manually to make sure I don’t miss anything…


Agreed. I recently switched to doing most of my weekly reviews on iPad and although it works well enough, it would be helpful for iOS to have all the review functionality of the Mac. It’s crazy to me that once a project has been reviewed in iOS, I have no way of seeing the next review date or review frequency. This is important when, for example, a project that was on hold becomes active sooner than I thought it was and I now need to resume reviewing it weekly. I’m doing more and more work on iPad, and Omnifocus for iPad should be able to stand on its own.

Also, this is more of a background issue, but it seems to me that syncing the reviewed status of projects between numerous devices has always been a bit off. It would be great if they could finally get this sorted out.


Swipe left on the project, choose More and tap Review?


Thank you. I had no idea that was an option. I still think it’d be a great improvement to have this mirror the Mac version, and simply include the Review information at the bottom of the “Info” tab of a project.


What I would like to see for Omni Focus 3 are reminders. I’m new to Omni Focus and don;t know if I will keep it because it does not have decent reminders. I use the app Alarmed and it is awesome, you can set up reminders with nagging alerts that will not go away until you complete the task or snooze it. If Omni focus added this feature and it will be the best productivity app ever.

  1. The ability to summarize Estimated Duration for a given lists and display total hours in the heading (similar to how total items is summarized in the current version).

  2. The ability to manually reorder lists in a context. (OF is great for knowing what to do but terrible at being able to manage a daily task list. Thus, Estimated Duration, which I now have to use for ordering tasks, can be used for it’s actual stated purpose. I normally find myself exporting lists out of OF to another program that allows for easy drag and drop reordering.)

  3. Changing the Forecast perspective to daily “swim lanes” where tasks can be easily reordered and dragged to different days (thus making better use of horizontal space).


What I’d really like are a few changes to allow me to set perspectives up similarly to the Things UI:

  1. A ‘Today’ perspective with a Forecast-style mini calendar (even better, the option to include such a calendar in any custom perspective)

  2. More options for the Forecast perspective: only including certain contexts/projects, being able to ONLY show deferred items rather than due

This one isn’t related to Things, but it’d be insanely great to have ‘smart folder/playlist’ type options for custom perspectives. I miss this about the Schoolhouse app I used in college before discovering OmniFocus or GTD in general. (With that kind of power one could set up almost any sort of perspective they’d want.)

Basically, some UI elements from Things and some customizatization options from Schoolhouse/iTunes/Finder.


This is one that I’ve requested many years ago to

This feature request will most likely be needed for us to use the multiple tags with and/or inclusion and exclusion (tags contains “work” but does not contain “Mac”).


I have a custom perspective for showing deferred items only. It works well for me, but I guess that it for some reason wouldn’t be enough for you.


Good point. I use iOS most of the time and I scroll past many tasks with an earlier defer date to get to the present. The groupings aren’t by days either, but as “tomorrow,” “within a week,” “later in month,” etc. I’d love to use Forecast for this to pick a date and reduce friction by only showing me what I’d like. (And being able to pick a future date to see tasks and calendar events in one place.)


A different use than mine. I can see why the Forecast view would be better for you. Let’s hope for a more flexible version of it.


For what is worth, here are my two top feature requests. Thanks for putting this thread together, great idea:


Ability to share and sync projects with other users. I’m using reminders more and more instead of OF because it can now do that easily.


I have a previous top 3 requests…but wanted to add one.

I just came back from using Todoist for a while and LOVED the natural language input. It is far superior to anything I’ve seen anywhere. Everything from creating repeating tasks, typing in the project, priority (context i guess), etc. That is their killer feature.

Oh, and their sync seems faster/more robust.

  1. In app templating - as powerful as workflow/editorial and taskpaper solutions can be, they’re not exactly inviting you in.

  2. Simple checklists - if I have a task ‘go shopping’, I want subtasks ‘buy eggs, buy jam’ without all the bells and whistles

  3. If a project has no available tasks, allow me the option to hide it in project views

  4. At work, I’m on a PC environment. Give me web interface!

  5. Shared tasks

  6. This is the toughie to explain, but the UI doesn’t feel ‘slick’. How to fix that, I’m not sure.