OmniFocus 3: URL Schemes for Forecast > Today? [A: supported on iOS]

Does anyone know what the new URL scheme for Forcast > Today is?

Now that OmniFocus 3 has “Forecast Tag”, I plan to use the Forecast tab more often. I just learned about URL schemes and found this page for OF2: but the URL schemes for Forecast subheadings don’t seem to work:

I searched the forums but couldn’t find a similar post. Thanks!

omnifocus:///Forecast seems to default to Today. Does that work for you?


omnifocus:///past and omnifocus:///soon both work for me on iOS, but not on the latest build of OmniFocus 3 for Mac.

@heyscottyj Thanks for the reply. For me omnifocus:///Forecast shows all of Forecast (past, today, and soon/future). I’m under the impression that omnifocus:///today isolates the Today portion (and same with Past and Soon). It would be nice to have just the Today portion as a URL scheme/keyboard shortcut to minimize distractions.

Also, I should be more clear of my setup right now. I have OF2 and OF3 beta on my Mac. The URL schemes (in general) seem to open only in OF3 so I can’t compare how the URL schemes work in OF2.

@nostodnayr Thanks. Good to know. I just checked it out. Hopefully, it’s just a bug that the URL schemes don’t work on OF3 Mac, and also more importantly omnifocus:///today doesn’t work on either.

Ah sorry, I was only checking iOS, didn’t realize we were talking Mac. 😁

No worries. I should’ve specified. Also, I wish there was a OmniFocus 3 for Mac category on this forum. I guess since it’s still in beta it would cause confusion to have that category appear.

Thanks for posting this! Found the relevant item in our development database and added a link to this thread. From what I’m seeing there, it looks like those links have always been iOS-only, but I made sure the rest of the team knows there’s interest in getting them supported on the Mac.

(Inferring from the “includes most of the same functionality” bit in the article, I’m guessing the difference was a known thing at the time. I was surprised to discover they were iOS-only, though!)

@Brian Thank you for doing this!

This is a bit of a stretch ask but here’s a real use case (mine). I checked OF3 on my iPhone, and omnifocus:///today linked to my Groceries perspective instead of the Forecast/Today perspective. I realized that that’s probably because I set my “Today & Watch” setting to display the Groceries custom perspective on the Today widget on iPhone (that screen when you swipe to the left of the home screen and lock screen). I did that so when I’m at the grocery store, I have a quick reference of what I need to get, without needing to unlock my phone. It’s much easier than 1) Unlock my phone, 2) go into OmniFocus, 2.5) Return to the main screen with my shortcuts if I was within certain projects or perspectives, 3) select the Groceries perspective.

I would think other people have different uses for that Today widget other than the Forecast as well. Any chance to change it so omnifocus:///today is not linked to whatever custom perspective the “Today & Watch” setting is set to? Hope I was clear.

Thanks again!

Happy to help - I can reproduce that behavior and will make sure it gets filed so the rest of the team knows about it. Appreciate the heads-up!

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Thank you so much! Appreciate it!


Any update regarding this topic?

If it works already in iOS why not the support in the Mac version?

It would be for me very useful.


Still on the to-do list. For better or worse, our development system tries to ensure that things which lots of people want get assigned the highest priority. We want to add this, in other words, but we can’t prioritize it above other requests which more folks have asked for.

(Adding you to that item in our development database so the rest of the team knows you’re one of the folks that want it.)

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Thanks for the fast response!

At least its good to know that is still being considered.

Keep up the good work! And I can not wait to see what the improvements you mention are!

Hi! For future visitors from Google, in OmniFocus 3.11.7 (and most likely earlier versions) for Mac omnifocus:///forecast (lowercase!) does the trick of opening the Forecast built-in special perspective.