OmniFocus 3 - What We Know

While it doesn’t look like we are going to see an OF3 this year, there is still not much known about the next version. Sounds like we’ll be getting the much anticipated “tagging” or having the ability to assign multiple contexts to an item. Repeating tasks also might become more robust.

Anything else? New features? New UI? Release dates?

Post what you’ve learned here.

My understanding is that tagging/multiple contexts will come to OF 2 - it’s on the roadmap and, whenever discussed by @kcase it’s never been linked to OF3.

It’s due early 2018 (other threads refer) and there hasn’t been a date for OF3 - in fact, I’m not sure that OG have actually referred to OF3 at all?

On 2016 @kcase asked for feedback about how users may want to use OmniFocus to collaborate with others. So I guess this is somewhere in the OF3 roadmap.

It’s on the roadmap – and linked to OF 3:
Roadmap update


The Omni Blog does indicate that OF 3 for iOS will go into Public TestFlight in Q1-2018. The Mac Public TestFlight will probably come soon thereafter.