OmniFocus 3 with Outlook 2016


Happy to report that the most recent point release (3.1.2) has fixed this for me.

From release notes:

Crash — Fixed a regression where running a script which populated, then opened, Quick Entry could result in either data loss or a crash.


I’ve downloaded the script, placed it in the correct folder, but when I select a message in Outlook and click the script’s name on the “Outlook Scripts” section of the Scripts tool, nothing happens. How do I use this script to add an Outlook mail message to my Omnifocus 3 Inbox?



Hi all,

I’ve got the script working, and it places a copy of the email in my inbox. My question is:

In the older outlook and older OF it would include a link to the email. So from OF I could double click that link and open up the email that I’d previously captured so I could respond.

Is this now not possible?


Hi AudoMate,

I believe the issue is a change in out Outlook works now. I’ve tried to recreate that functionality in my own branch of Justin’s script and I can’t get it to work either.