OmniFocus 4.3 TestFlight builds now available

Hi folks! I’ve just started the OmniFocus 4.3 TestFlight. The initial OmniFocus 4.3 TestFlight builds contain a number of bug fixes that we’d like to get feedback on, but we do not yet have any of the “feature” work planned for this milestone ready for public testing.

If you previously signed up to test OmniFocus 4.2, you should already have access to OmniFocus 4.3 builds in TestFlight. If you’d like to sign up for this TestFlight you can do so here:

Cross-Platform Changes:*

  • Inspector — Updated Inspector layout code to be better shared cross-platform. Some visual changes for cross-platform consistency are expected. Please let us know if you have feedback about these changes, or encounter unexpected behavior in the Inspector!
  • Clean Up — Selected items now immediately clean up when removed from current view drag & drop or key command.
  • Inbox — Fixed a bug that could cause Inbox items to re-order unexpectedly.
  • Forecast — Improved flexible Forecast order logic when both “Preserver Hierarchy” and “Keep Sorted” are enabled.
  • Outline — Improved overall stability/reliability of outline order when editing.
  • Sync — Prevented a rare sync conflict that could be encountered when a device syncs changes while edits are in progress.

Mac Changes:

  • Settings — New “Outline: Delete items without requiring Command key” Setting.
  • Custom Perspectives [Pro] — Adding a new item via “Add Perspective…” menu item no longer opens Perspectives Window unnecessarily.
  • Custom Perspectives [Pro] — Assigning a keyboard shortcut to a custom perspective now saves correctly, no longer breaks additional edits to custom perspective rules.
  • Forecast — Corrected Forecast date header display when “Show toolbar button shapes” Display Accessibility setting is enabled
  • Outline — Items now immediately re-order following “Sort Once” command.
  • Software Update — Updates no longer fail to install when System Integrity Protection is disabled.
  • Stability — Fixed a crash that could occur when a perspective with a date-based filter rule refreshes its reference date.

iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch Changes:

  • Apple Watch — Apple Watch app now attempts to sync automatically when it detects watch database is out of date with paired iPhone database.
  • Apple Watch — Sync errors are now automatically resolved by watch app.
  • Outline — Outline content is no longer pinned to bottom of window when scrolling.
  • Apple Watch — Improved watch complication reliability.
  • Apple Watch — Circular Forecast complication count now includes overdue and due soon items.
  • TaskPaper — Default defer/due times are now respected when pasting TaskPaper items that only have a date.
  • TaskPaper — Current year is now assumed when TaskPaper items include partial dates.
  • Forecast Fixed a bug that could cause calendar events to disappear when scrolling.
  • VoiceOver — Focus is now always placed immediately in title field when “Edit in Inspector” VoiceOver action in invoked.
  • VoiceOver — Estimated Duration units are now read correctly by VoiceOver.
  • Widgets — Small Forecast Lock Screen widget count now includes overdue and due soon items.