Omnifocus 4 and Mac Calendar integration

Now that apple are connecting calendar and reminders will omnifocus 4 integrate more effectively with the Mac calendar

I wish it would even though I don’t know how I would like it to integrate. Maybe it should be possible to view todo’s in the calendar? Anyhow - I love how the Spark mail client with integrated AI also integrates with both OmniFocus and Evernote. So everything is possible or those who really want to… nudge nudge to OmniGroup…

I am using the principle of block scheduling. Meaning besides the (external) commitments (which are the first priority), I am blocking time to fulfil the roles in my life (or areas of responsibility in GTD context). Those blocks are populated by putting tasks into my calendar (automatically).

As part of my workflow, the items which are due soon or planned to do, are automatically planned in my Calendar, using the duration in OmniFocus and link back to OmniFocus task and only in the free slots (Available). It also copies the Project and Folder name in the note of the Calendar, which helps my contextual computing way of working.

I have created some new Shortcuts and altered a couple of iOS shortcuts I have found in our community (the creators I have mentioned in the iOS Shortcut, many thanks for support!).

  • Plan tasks from Do list in OF: is the main iOS Shortcut and starting up the other, below Shortcuts and uses the output in the main Shortcut. Here

  • Get Availability: it is determining the availability in your schedule, depending on when the Shortcut is running, today or tomorrow. Here

  • Create Tasks List OF: this Shortcut will retrieve the OmniFocus items, you can also modify to retrieve Reminders, Things or other taskmanagers with Shortcut actions. Here

  • Create events: Shortcut will create events in calendar of choice based on above availability and retrieved tasked items. Here

  • Optional: Change calendar of hyperschedule events: this Shortcut moves the event from your planning calendar to calendar which matches the folder in OmniFocus. Here

  • Optional: Add Project To Tasks In OF. This shortcut finds the project from the task and add this to note field of the task. Here. The Omni Automations script used, can be downloaded here

It is part of my Reveille routine, more context you can find here. Omni and automation is great but also little bit nerdy. However you can build something complex like planning your taks in correct priority on your calendar.

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Thanks for your feedback - but I am not so familiar with using Shortcuts with OF…I was really hoping for more integration that didn’t require me to run shortcuts every now and then. What I do at the moment is drag OF tasks (that have a specific timeframe) to my calendar and show the calendars in OF forecast…this works for me…but as I said I was hoping for a bit more native integration one day

Thanks for your feedback…I haven’t tried Spark…but does it have a built in calendar too? That’s what I’m really after - linking my OF list of tasks with a calendar or work-plan of some sort

Yes, it has a calendar that syncs <> with your iCal. Read more here:

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