Omnifocus 4: drag task to calendar no longer possible: any other timeblocking solution?

For several years, I’ve used OmniFocus in conjunction with the macOS calendar to time-block my tasks by simply dragging tasks into the day’s calendar and then manipulating them there. The OmniFocus 4 beta for Mac has lost drag/drop functionality across the OS. In fact, I can’t even drag a task from OmniFocus 4 to OmniOutliner, so it’s more than just the calendar. Copy/paste doesn’t work either. Do we know if this will be added back at some point? Does anyone have a better workflow to time-block tasks from an OmniFocus perspective? Thanks!

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That’s certainly not an intentional change in the v4 TestFlight builds! We’ll try to figure out why that stopped working and get it fixed.


Wow- thank you so much for responding!

This should be fixed in the latest TestFlight builds.

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