OmniFocus 4 iOS beta

I have a few questions about customizing options in OF 4:

  1. Is there a way to show a Home Screen? Something similar to the startup page on OF3

  2. How do I pin a custom perspective to the Perspective bar at the bottom of the app. I only see an option to Hide the bar, show the titles and to star or unstar the prebuilt perspectives. And when I unstar a perspective, where do they go? If I knew how to answer my question #2 I can understand not having a Home Screen.


In the bottom left corner of the screen is the Quick Open button. (On iPhone, it floats over the outline just above the Perspective Bar.) Tap Quick Open to access a list of all your Perspectives, and in this list you can tap on any perspective to open it, or long-press to make it a favorite (adding it to the Perspective Bar).

A welcome tutorial which introduces users to the new interface is very much on our list of things to do before we ship! That’s part of our Documentation milestone, along with updating the built-in reference manual.

Hope this helps!

Yes! Thank you for the rapid reply. I was long pressing the button for some unknown reason! I’d love to read the beginners guide when it’s available. Thank you.

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