OmniFocus 4: Perspective including Flags:

How do you create a custom perspective that includes flags? Although the status ‘Soon’ appears to include status ‘Flags’, this does not work. ‘Soon’ actions register, but ‘Flagged’ actions, whatever the date, are excluded.

Here’s an example of a perspective that includes flagged items. Specifically, it includes everything that’s available that’s either due soon or flagged.

This screenshot shows the OmniFocus 4 perspective. Let me know if you’re using OmniFocus 3, and I’ll post an OmniFocus 3 screenshot.

p.s. I share additional examples of custom perspectives in Custom Perspectives for OmniFocus on Learn OmniFocus.

That’s excellent, and more to the point, I see where I was going wrong! The link will be hugely valuable, too. Many thanks.

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You’re very welcome, @bees4335. Great to hear this was helpful!

p.s. I’ll be adding more perspectives to Custom Perspectives for OmniFocus soon, including some that use the duration field in OmniFocus.

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