Omnifocus 4: problems with sync using WebDav

With Omnifocus 4, I am having trouble syncing via WebDav over https. OF4 just can’t make a connection. I get all kinds of error messages (“can’t make connection”, “internet is offline”, “time out”, …). Sometimes it asks if I should trust the certificate, and when I choose yes nothing happens and I return to the screen where I enter the server details. Sometimes it asks which database should remain (on the server or on the iPhone) so it looks like it has some kind of connection, but after I make a choice it returns to the server details screen again.

WebDav over http works without problem however, so I think the issue has something to do with https and/or the certificate. The error messages don’t help much because they vary every time. One time I even got an error that I was using an old database format, which is impossible because I am using OF3 with the latest format for years now.

Strange thing is that OF3 works fine with WebDav over https. One should expect that the code for making a WebDav connection should be the same between OF3 and OF4 I suppose. (and yes, I checked the server details I entered several times between OF3 and OF4). I also re-installed OF4 and rebooted my iPhone several times.

Furthermore, I have several other apps that connect with WebDav to my server without problems.

Is anyone encountering the same problem?