OmniFocus 4 release date

I’m looking to purchase OmniFocus 3 which is a large outlay for me. I’m happy to do it but I’ve noticed that the release cycle has sped up in the last year (that’s a good thing!).

I am worried that there might be a completely new OF4 this year and I would be left with a legacy product in a few months time.

Does anyone know if this is the plan, could someone from Omni group reassure me than I won’t be out of pocket?

Thanks and Omni-peeps keep up the great work!


Don’t worry. The Omni Group usually let you have the upgrade free if you have bought the application close to a new version. You can confidently buy Omnifocus 3 now and start getting productive right away.


This just got me piecing together the version history from google:

V1 2008-2013
V2 2013-2018
V3 2018-?

You probably have until 2023 before V4 comes out :-)


Ah, a lot of tasks later…

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