OmniFocus 4: Suggestions for UI / design improvements

I switched from OF2 to OF4 thanks to the good upgrade price.👍

I am absolutely not a power user of such task / to do software, I use it rather sporadically. I have always tried something different over the years and therefore have a few suggestions for UI / design improvements (I’m sure you also have suggestions) to OmniFocus 4:

  1. Free choice of colour for the project symbol
    if there are several projects, I simply miss colour so that the whole thing is visually better separated.

  2. Project symbol with fill level indicator
    I would like the project icon or a level indicator next to it so that you can see approximately how many tasks of the project you have already completed. Or it could simply be a percentage display next to the project icon. However, a project icon that also functions as a level indicator in the UI is a much more elegant solution.

  3. Subtopics: automatically underlined and different font colour
    For projects, the subtopics should be underlined and the font should have a different colour than the tasks below. This simply looks much better to the eye and the brain grasps it much better.
    Everything in the same font colour: project name, x subtopics, all tasks…
    that’s just too old school.

If the functions already exist and I have overlooked them, I apologise :)

What suggestions do you have?

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I’m a bit surprised that there are so few suggestions here:P
Doesn’t anyone have any ideas or requests for changes to the OmniFocus 4 UI or design? Especially if you have also used other programs, then you surely have things that you like better.

I think a lot of UI suggestions were discussed in the OmniFocus 4 TestFlight Slack channel when OF4 was still in beta. Now that OF4 is available for sale, the TestFlight slack channel finally closed.

I’m just waiting for more custom perspective filters to fine tune my lists.

The only other desire I have is to be able to schedule tasks into my calendar. But that’s already facilitated by using OF4 and Fantastical together.

Some other features I want are handled by various OF4 automation plugins to handle specific use case scenarios.

If there’s something you’d really like to request, it’s probably best to send an email to with your feature request. They are logged into some special feature request database. The Omni Support team may miss a feature request posted here. Email is a better method of sending your UI requests.


Well, I’m fine with what’s in OF4 as far as UI goes, and I would NOT want automatic underlining on anything at all. I still miss OF2’s calendar integration and think OF3’s calendar approach was dreadful, and turned it completely off and avoid it in OF ever since.