Omnifocus 4 tab key skips fields

Skips all the fields except Tags and Note.

Tabbing works fine in Omnifocus 4 174.0.402 build running on Mac OS Monterey.
Does not work in Omnifocus 4 174.0.497 build running on Mac OS Ventura.

Yes, this has been driving me crazy the past month (was working fine until about a month ago). I rely on quick entry constantly, and had to just click on fields (and sometimes couldn’t even do that)… BUT, at least for me, this appears to have been fixed with the last beta. What’s really weird is that it was working fine on Mac Studio (M1), but not MB Air (M2), even though both on latest Ventura.

Yes, I can confirm that the latest Beta release fixed this problem. I still see other problems such as Note text entry, where the Note field doesn’t grow as the new lines of text are typed, causing the text to be hidden.

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