OmniFocus 4 without an Omni Account

Is there any way to use OmniFocus 4 without an Omni Account?

What use case would that be? I mean what is the motivation? I mean this as a serious question.

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In OmniFocus 3 I register with a license and sync with a WebDAV server. OF 4 won’t even get to opening a window absent an Omni Account login.

Mac, iPhone, etc. or all?

@fmccann Sorry for the confusion! We’ve transitioned to using Omni Accounts for our application licensing. This provides simplified trial and license management for customers, allowing our team to implement a licensing mechanism that works across platforms and stores. For example, if you previously owned an OmniFocus 3 for Mac license key, you can now register it to an Omni Account to unlock a discounted upgrade to OmniFocus 4 in the Omni Store or App Store. After purchasing OmniFocus 4 or starting an OmniFocus 4 trial, all OmniFocus 4 installations signed in to your Omni Account will unlock automatically.

If you’d prefer to continue syncing via WebDAV, you can certainly do so in OmniFocus 4 - your Omni Account will only be used to manage licensing unless you explicitly choose to sync with this account.

I hope this provides some clarity into why an Omni Account is required by OmniFocus 4!