Omnifocus alternative that lets you re-order flagged tasks?

I can’t seem to manage without the ability to re-order flagged tasks for non-project based task management. Is there any alternative out there that has most of what makes Omnifocus great (deep folder hierarchy, reliable, good search function, syncing between iOS and Mac, etc.) but with this feature and/or the ability to prioritize flagged tasks?

Sorry for kind of dodging your question, but can’t you abuse the Duration field as a priority marker and order your tasks by that? (Not sure if this still works in OF2.)

I was thinking outside the box and just used an index card. I would look at a perspective that would show all available actions. Then I would write down a small handful of tasks on the card and resort them. I would choose due tasks and flagged tasks that I want to work on today.

Sometime I’ll just Excel and sort it there. Then I get to work on my tasks from the index card or the Excel list.