OmniFocus and CarPlay/HomePod issues?

Anyone have issues with OmniFocus and CarPlay? Specifically, trying to add items to the Inbox?

I usually say “Add a reminder in OmniFocus” either to CarPlay or the HomePod, and have been doing this for forever.

Starting with iOS 16.2, however, I get an error after I tell Siri what to add. It’s either “Uh oh, there’s a problem.” or “Sorry, something’s gone wrong, please try again.” The item does get added however. So, it’s not a blocker, just kinda annoying.

If I use the iPhone or my AppleWatch, with the same command, it works fine. So, it seems specific to CarPlay and the HomePod.

I submitted a bug report back in December about this but it still exists.

Like I said, it’s not a blocker, just annoying, but I can’t find anyone else who has this issue.


Hey Paul,

That’s weird. I personally don’t use CarPlay or the HomePod so I can’t speak into that. I’ve personally found it easier to use the Reminders Capture feature in OmniFocus. Then you can just say “Hey Siri, remind me to…” and OmniFocus automatically captures it from your Reminders app and puts it in your Inbox.

I used to use that but switched over to the native Siri reminders integration once that got added. It’s worked great until 16.2.

I always use CarPlay and say, “Hey Siri - add to OmniFocus”.

She asks what I want to add, I then tell Siri.

I then get, “That’s done!”, and the item is in my OmniFocus inbox.

Yeah, that used to work until recently. I still can’t figure out what changed.

So, iOS 16.4 seemed to fix my problem. OmniFocus now works as expected with Siri on CarPlay and HomePods. No idea what changed, but I’m glad I can get ideas into my Inbox again on those platforms!