OmniFocus and Google Calendar subscription

I’d like to see due OF tasks across my Android devices (in a Google Calendar I suppose). I tried copying this type of url webcal:// as a new calendar, but the tasks don’t show up.

Thanks for the help

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Omni Sync Server account URLs are password-protected and Google Calendar may not support subscribing to password-protected calendars. You could ask them to support that! Or maybe they already do and I just haven’t figure out how.

The only workaround for this that I’m aware of is to publish the calendar to Apple Calendar and sync your Google Calendar in to Apple Calendar as well and then use Apple Calendar to view them both.

thanks for the suggestion but I don’t understand how to do this. Could you please give me a step-by-step way?

Sorry, I forgot we were talking about Android. I’m not familiar enough with what calendar apps are available for Android to give specific steps. But on an iOS or macOS device you could use the built-in calendar app to view both the OmniFocus Reminders subscription calendar and your Google Calendar info in one app (in other words, not using Google’s built-in calendar app). Basically you need a calendar app that (A.) runs on Android, (B.) can display your calendars from Google Calendar, and (C.) can subscribe to a password-protected calendar subscription (for OmniFocus). Sorry I don’t have more helpful advice!

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