Omnifocus and Mac Touch Bar

Maybe I can not find it but I do not see a way to edit the Mac Touch Bar in the program to make it custom. There are some things that I would like to drag down to it for easier navigation and doing this.

Is this missing from 3.0? I know the Touch Bar works with predetermined things on it, but a lot of programs allow customization.

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+1 - I would love to see this.

Use Better touch tool, it makes the Touch Bar really useful. I have an OF Touch Bar set up to show me workflows of perspectives, add tasks, go straight to inbox, tags, projects etc. with each Touch Bar button reflecting the colour and icon of the perspective.


Can you share a bit more on how you set that up please? I’m very interested. A picture of what your touch bar looks like would be great too!

No problem will get this written up later today…

My Omnifocus and Better Touch Tool setup

OK as requested.

The first bar is my default setup some buttons are constant across all screens such as the inbox, today and toggle full screen buttons.

The “main” (default) bar gives me access to the main sections of OF I need, as well as providing me with a logical workflow. The “settle” button opens a sub screen with buttons that link to my morning routine of settling the system, inbox, reviews, forecast, inbox etc.

The “Today” perspective shows me an overview of meta tasks (work on xyz project), as well as flagged and those tagged “next”

The GTD Button takes me to the second screen shown, with what for me is a logical workflow.

Check Agendas, Check communication tasks, process morning tasks, process afternoon tasks, check home and personal tasks.

For example in “afternoon” I may have a meta task to write a blog, which links to the blog perspective, this allows me to reduce the need to tag everything, I just have a perspective showing related tasks for that project.

The last two buttons on the main bar are the “review” sub screen which has a specialist set of perspectives I use for reviews such as overdue, treading water, stalled etc.

Next I have a coffee break button. This shows me things I want to read, watch etc. so I can quickly read a blog post, check a forum such as this one when I need a break.

Lastly the toggle full screen button is attached to a macro which switches from full screen with both sidebars and the top icons showing, to a simple list view, no sidebars, menus etc resized to a fixed width and position, an idea (as is the base for this workflow) borrowed from Kourosh Dini and his excellent book.

Basically this allows me to navigate OF without remembering numerous keystrokes, particularly when in compact mode. I guess it is the equivalent of setting up a KBMaestro palette which could accomplish the same thing.

Hope this helps and gives you some inspiration


Interesting ! I had something similar on my old mac that didn’t have a touch bar. I used Keyboard Maestro to assign my key perspectives to a few Function keys, and then the rest appeared in a KM Palette.

I"ve just moved over to a Mac with a Touch Bar, and downloaded Better Touch Tool. I’m now contemplating how to do it all on the Touch Bar.