OmniFocus API web service

I know this has been brought up in the past, but I can’t find any trace of it in the new forum system: a REST API web service for OmniFocus based off of the OmniSync server could be tremendously useful for enabling 3rd party web apps, integration layers with other services (like Evernote, IFTTT, etc), and interacting with OmniFocus in a programmatic way. It would also be fairly simple to implement, at least from the perspective of not needing to implement a complete web-based UI.


I totally agree with you. Although various automation can be done with AppleScript for now, I believe server-side solution will be the most effective way to achieve interacting with tons of existing web services.

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Can I add my voice to this request.

In particular, I am trying to get Zapier to automate a Trello > Omnifocus workflow, as outlined here:

This would be awesome. I love Omnifocus but it really needs an API for interacting with web services. I can envisage all sorts of cool integrations, such as linking with to gameify our tasks.

I think there is an Android app called Quantas Tasks that interfaces with the Omni Sync server.

The OmniFocus database is basically an XML file - an open file format.

You would need a web program that can parse out the data and do whatever you want to it.

I guess this would be your API…

I’ve kinda done it -, that my personal applescript I use to send completed task data to a couple of habits within HabitRPG.

Hope you can find a use for it!

It’s been quite some time, and I’m wondering if Omnifocus or anyone has made any additional progress in a REST API for Omnifocus. I’d really love this for so many reasons that I dont know where to begin, but several have already been mentioned.