Omnifocus Big Sur, Rosetta and M1

Hi all
This Rosetta thing is a bit obscure for me, and I have an intel MacBook Pro 2015 that will last at least another 3 years.
my understanding is that:

  • we will have a rosetta layer and that will apply to Intel Macs.
  • OF3 is now built for Big Sur -> so on intel Macs it will use Rosetta.

So I have the following questions:

  • will future upgrades of OF3 apply to Big Sur only?
  • is there a performance difference running a reasonably large OF3 db on rosetta?
  • what about AppleScript and JS automations, did someone see a change in performance?

It’s the other way round: Rosetta is used on Apple M1 Macs to run older Intel x86 binaries (and from the first tests and benchmarks published it does this very efficiently). New apps for Big Sur will have ‘Universal Binaries’ which contain both Intel and M1 compilations of their code, and Intel Macs will run the former.


To add to MultiDim: the current OmniFocus version (3.10) is a universal binary and runs great on both Intel and M1 Macs. There is no difference in speed or feature set.


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