Omnifocus calendar sync with Cronofy

Back when I used Evernote for all that I now use Omnifocus for, I used to be able to sync Evernotes with my calendar using a great, free service

This would mean that I could look at my Calendar and see all my usual events + any Evernotes that had dates, which also displayed as normal events. Clicking the Calendar event link took me to the Evernote to remind me whatever the hell it was I was supposed to be doing, etc.

Does anyone here know if this is possible with Omnifocus? I think that it might be something that Omnifocus would need to create…I can’t remember how I set up Evernote but I’ve set up Trello with Cronofy today and that has a dedicated site to link the two services, which is in a Trello, not a Cronofy, domain.


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