Omnifocus clipping in postbox


I recorded the clipping shortcut but it aien’t working in Postbox. For normal files in finder it works great! :)

Am I doing something wrong or is Postbox not supported yet?

Best and thank you


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I’ve had the same issue. I’ve contacted OF’s support team directly and got to the bottom of the issue only to find it’s a Postbox issue, not an OF2 issue. I’ve also submitted a help request at Postbox’s less-than-desireable customer support site and am looking forward to a response from them and hopefully a quick update to their app as well to make it compatible with OF2. Clipping emails from Postbox was a massive part of my GTD workflow, and I hope I don’t have to live without it for too much longer. :)

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It’s a crucial part of my workflow as well. I will submit a request on Postbox as well. I’ll report back here if I hear anything.

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I’ve had a response from them - pretty much immediately, saying “We’re looking into the issue, and hope to have a fix soon.”

So that’s promising…

They’ve updated Postbox so this now works as before. Update to the latest version and all will be well :)

Can you share the resolution? I can’t make this integration work. Thanks!

Still broken for me. Running latest version of Postbox and OF as of 1/16/15

Still broken for me too.
I have found that if omnifocus is CLOSED, then it works fine. If it is open on the dock, then I get the blank window with cancel or save as options. If I save, nothin happens, if I cancel, i can quit OF and try again and it works fine. This is a critical part of my workflow. I know I can forward to OF, but then I have the whole body of the message in the notes, and the link to the actual message is much better!

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Works for me now. I think I was misunderstanding how it works. The message is hidden in the content below. It is not as obvious as it was before.

Has anyone heard about any change in using OF with Postbox? Thanks.

I’m having the same issue too (here in 2022).

Is this still an issue for anyone else?