Omnifocus crashes

I´m using Omnifocus 1.12.1 on a iPhone 4s running iOS 8.1.1. Every time I add or edit an item, or even when browsing items, the app crashes.

I’ve tried turning the iPhone off and reinstalling the app but the problem persists. I tried searching this forum for a solution but I could only find another post relating the same problem (no solution) using Omnifocus 2 (Crashes after editing any item and pressing “Done” on the keyboard).

Can someone please help? Thanks in advance.

Hello! Older versions of OmniFocus 1 have some trouble with newer releases of iOS. I’d recommend updating to the latest version of OmniFocus. You can find instructions for getting up to OmniFocus 1.16.3 – the latest version in the 1.x series – on our support page.

If you still have trouble after that update, and you’ve confirmed you’re running 1.16.3, please get in touch with our Support team. They can help diagnose what kind of crashes you’re seeing and attempt to mitigate them.

Thank you for your response Teki! I have installed version 1.16.3 and it looks like it worked, no crashes so far.

Best regards!