Omnifocus Custom Perspectives - Projects and Tagging

Good day everyone.

I’m hoping that somebody with a little more OF3 experience than I have, and with better logic and reasoning, may be able to help me.

I seek to create a custom perspective based on tags I’ve assigned at the project level. So, my perspective would, look in a particular folder, extract from that folder all of its projects - so far so good. I want then to group what the perspective displays, according to the project’s tags, or rather a subset of them.


Look in folder X
Extract from folder X its projects
Group according to
Tag A
Tag B
Tag C

Is this possible?


In the perspective options under Presentation (which is towards the bottom), there is a option for Group Actions by, you can select tag, and it groups actions by each tag.

Thank you. I was hoping to be able to do that at the project level but I don’t see the option. I’ve worked around by putting the projects in folders but that’s increased my sidebar complexity. I’d still welcome suggestions and thanks again for your input.


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