OmniFocus & Daylite

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Daylite and OmniFocus both have unique strengths, so I really don’t want to give up either one, but I’ve found using them smoothly together to be challenging. When I’m ready to work, I want to be able to pick tasks from a single, unified list, not to have to think first about which application I should look at. But there’s no obvious way of getting tasks from DL into OF or vice versa so I can use one or the other for my unified pick list.

I’d like to try a new approach. Since the iOS version of OF now works directly with Siri, I no longer need an OmniFocus list in Reminders for “capture” from Siri to OF. I’ve published my DL tasks to CalDAV, so I’m going to try to set the DL worklist as my Reminders capture list in OF on my iPhone. Has anyone tried this or something similar? Any pros or cons to be aware of?

Did you ever get a response to using Daylite and OF together? I’m in a similar situation.

Subscribing to Daylite tasks via CalDAV and then using the Daylite worklist for OmniFocus Reminders capture actually works pretty well at least for one-off tasks. There are some issues with recurring tasks.

Hi there did your system break with iOS 13/ Catalina no longer supporting CalDAV?

This is news to me. I am on both Catalina and iOS 13, and CalDAV and CardDAV both work just fine.

It still seems to work, but I haven’t actually been using tasks in Daylite much, so I haven’t robustly tested it. I’ll probably go back to using Daylite much more actively soon, so I’ll report back if I notice anything amiss.

There is now Zapier integration too.

I’m interested in this but have seen two problems. One is that you end up with two tasks one in each of OF and DL. The other is that zapier doesn’t let you pull a hyperlink from thé said task or item in daylite which would be much more efficient.

When you do this through reminders, does it automatically update the other way once you check off the task in OF (e.g. does it check the task in reminders then update Daylite?; or, if you check the task off in Daylite, does it update in OF through reminders?).

You can also copy a hyperlink in Daylite to any Daylite item, but I wish there was some way to include that in the task creation to automatically bring back to the Daylite task or item from which the task was created.

One hack may be to just quick capture an OF task, copy and paste the DayLite hyperlink into the OF task, and sort accordingly in OF into a project called “DayLite Tasks” (as I don’t want to also have to recreate the specific client projects in both applications).

It seems so close to working, but just can’t get it right. A very frustrating First-World problem!!

OmniFocus deletes the item from Reminders (and from the Daylite CalDAV server) when it imports it.

I’ve realized there is a problem with importing Daylite tasks into OmniFocus via Reminders, whether by using the Reminders capture feature in OF for iOS or by AppleScript: if the task was originally created from an e-mail using the Daylite Mail Assistant, the link to the e-mail is lost. I’ve tried various things in AppleScript that don’t really work for one reason or another, and the only real workaround I’ve found so far is to paste a link to the message into the task’s note manually. Of course at that point you might as well go directly from Mail to OmniFocus and skip Daylite in the first place.

Just rekindling this thread.

What I’d like to do is use applescript to create a new OF project when I create a “task” in Daylite. And I’d like that OF project to include the Name of both the DayLite Task and the DayLite project in the OF task name.

I was hoping applescript could to this, but looks like DayLite uses something called Fscript.

For clarity in DayLite, I consider “tasks” to be the equivalent of OF “Projects”.

I’ve tried with Zapier, but the DayLite API doesn’t let you pull out the DayLite “project” and “task” at the same time, only one or the other.

Anyway, if I could pull this off, then OF can be my ground level tasks/projects and DayLite could management 20,000 feet projects within CaseFiles.

Interested to hear more amround what you are doing now.