Omnifocus discount


I’m helping a friend set up Omnifocus and she wants to know how often Omnifocus discount price is available and what’s the best website to check regularly for discounts. She is not a student so edu discount is not available for her.

The Omni Group don’t offer limited time discounts, as Ken Case mentioned in this tweet. I think they believe in the value of their product and they want to be fair to all customers.

Even if they did offer discounts, the time wasted and effort put into checking for discounts would soon outweigh the actual money saved; even a 20% discount would only be $8 on a Standard license.


I’ve often found it hard to suggest a task manager for anyone. We all have differing demands and needs for what a task manager should do. Some can get by with Apple Reminders. Others upgrade to a paid app. I’d usually tell people that I use OmniFocus but let them decide what they are comfortable with.

OmniFocus is a bit pricier but certainly worth the full price. I probably got more than ten times the price of purchase with the scale of productivity gained from buying OmniFocus.

Your friend can always get the trial and try it out. Then she can purchase the Standard version. She can always get the pro upgrade later if she needs some of the more powerful functions. Check the Omnifocus page to see if she needs any of the pro features.

In the end, she might not need something as powerful as the Pro edition. She might be happy to spend on just the standard edition.