OmniFocus Export to Evernote - Tasks for the Next Two Weeks


I have an AppleScript that can Export OmniFocus report to Evernote on Tasks Completed. I want to create one that reports Tasks not completed for the next two weeks (tasks that have a Start and Due date).

**I want to exclude exporting tasks with no start date. Meaning there is not value entered into the start box.

If I use “set theCompletedTasks to (every flattened task of theCurrentProject where its completed = false and defer date is not 0 and number of tasks = 0)” I get the the script error “OmniFocus got an error: Can’t make 0 into type date or missing value.”

Any thoughts on how to export tasks that only have the start date?


I just solved my own question:

and defer date is not missing value

Would you share your applescript that can export OmniFocus report to Evernote on tasks completed?