OmniFocus Extension with Instapaper app

I’m not sure if this is an issue with OmniFocus, or with Instapaper.

I use the iOS Instapaper app to read articles and some I want to keep as a reference so I use the OmniFocus extension within Instapaper to create a new task with the article. The article’s title is not added as the task title, although the article’s URL is correctly stored in the task’s notes.

If I follow the same process in Safari, the web page’s title becomes the task title. This is preferable because I want to use the article’s title as part of the task title along the lines of:

Add ‘OmniFocus Extension with Instapaper app’ article to Productivity Reference

Is this something that could be changed in the OmniFocus extension, or does something need to change in Instapaper to allow the OmniFocus extension access to the article title?